China is not an easy country to go not only because of its population size and density that they are already sufficient grounds in themselves; but also because of the language barrier ( very few people speak English ), social customs ( the Chinese are very much yours ), levels of cleanliness, pollution, citizen consideration, respect for traffic regulations, insufficient or inadequate transport networks in some areas, strange foods. And along with etcetera. During the two years I spent in China, and I personally suffer a love-hate dichotomy for this country. The best way to get out of doubt about China is to go there and live it in the first person, but if you don’t have the opportunity or don’t decide, read this first.

In China, other things are eaten and, if you are not lucky enough to find a 96ace menu in English, half of the time you will not even know what you are asking for. Find restaurants with photos of their dishes, cross your fingers, and accept your destiny with completeness. I hope you like spicy food very much. Do not expect to find a fork even if you ask for it (if you know how to order it and they understand you).

  1. Try to deceive a Chinese.96ace

Over the past 5,000 years, fingers of one hand are left over to list foreigners who have created a Chinese. None lived to tell. For your physical and mental health, accept that they are smarter than us, or more stubborn; the point is that you will never win in an argument with them. Accept that if you go to China, you are going to “cheat like a Chinese” on a routine basis, do not take it with acrimony. Save yourself the anger and be happy.

  1. Enter public service.

Especially after eating. Especially if it is a service station in some remote area. And not so remote. What you will see there is something that will be stuck in your memory for the rest of your days. Have 1 yuan ready because, on top, it is common to have to pay to visit the pestilent hole. If you are apprehensive, wear a scented handkerchief that you can put on your nose, sometimes it is a matter of survival.

  1. Travel during Chinese national holidays.

Unless you like to feel overcrowded and leave your skin for finding transportation and accommodation. The first week of October and the week before and after the Chinese New Year (varies by date each year, but comes between January and February) are the worst. The truth is that lately, it does not matter at what time of the year travel because there are more and more Chinese with high purchasing power that adds to the fashion of domestic tourism. Therefore, you should NOT:

  1. Pretend to be alone.

You have seen amazing photographs on this or that place in China, and you are looking forward to getting a picture of your life, which you will hang in your living room to envy your friends. But when you set foot there, there are already a few hundred tourists copying your idea, as well as putting together a scandal that breaks all the charm. But there is hope: the Chinese usually travel in massive groups, and the guides usually go through the same places. If you leave the marked path, you still have an opportunity to find peace and magic. That, or get up much earlier, before the tours appear (usually arrive at 9:00 or 9:30), or stay until the sun goes down and they go progressively to dinner (in China you eat dinner around 19:00).

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